Are you a host family soon to host an au pair?
Are you about to go abroad to do an au pair placement or language course?

It is essential to take out insurance which will cover you throughout the entire duration of your trip, in case of illness, hospitalisation or repatriation and with public liability cover.
Upon leaving their home country, the au pair is no longer covered in the same way by their usual local health insurance policy. Taking out insurance is an important step in preparing for the placement and will enable both the au pair and the host family to feel at ease. So many young people have been let down, thinking that they were covered by their bank cards, their French insurance, the European Health Insurance Card…

Numerous insurance companies exist which will cover a young French citizen going abroad or a foreigner coming to France. A chaque projet, une assurance adaptée avec diverses garanties (medical repatriation, medical fees abroad, hospitalisation, public liability, stolen luggage, compensation in the case of changing host family etc).

AFJ recommends TravelZen

For several years AFJ has been recommending TravelZen insurance, which offers insurance policies adapted to each individual to cover any trip or placement.

By subscribing to any of the TravelZen services, a 24/7 helpline is available and will solve any problems you may have which are covered by your contract.

Register directly online:

  • Au Pair Insurance – TravelZen (au pair or host family): Click here.
  • Study, Work and Travel Insurance – TravelZen (internship, job our studying abroad) : Click here.
  • Work and Travel Insurance – TravelZen (working and travelling abroad) : Click here.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Kinousassur consultancy office directly :
Tel :  +33 (0)1 49 85 82 20
Email :

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You must take out insurance BEFORE you leave or BEFORE your au pair arrives. Generally, it is not possible to get insurance once the placement has started. If you have forgotten to arrange  insurance before the you leave or before the arrival of your au pair, make an enquiry straight away to avoid being left without any cover.

In the case of a pre-existing illness before your placement, contact the insurance company by phone before you sign a policy. If necessary you will be directed towards an additional insurance policy.
For au pair insurance we would advise you to take out insurance that will cover you for the entire duration of your trip, keep in mind that any extension must be for at least 3 months. In all cases remember to ask for an extension of your cover before your contract expires.

In the case of illness or any other problem you must contact your insurance provider immediately.