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AFJ 6 Work and travel - Job Travail à l'étranger - Job à la ferme Australie - Immersion Anglais
AFJ 6 Work and travel - Job Travail à l'étranger - Job à la ferme Australie - Apprendre l'Anglais
AFJ 6 Work and travel - Job Travail à l'étranger - Job rémunéré à la ferme Australie - anglophone

Work on a farm in Australia

The “Farm Work in Australia” programme is for young people with a sense of adventure.
We guarantee you a paid-job working on an Australian farm: roll up your sleeves, work and have fun!

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What does the "Farm Work in Australia" programme involve?

  • Duration: 3 to 12 months
  • Start of the programme: every Thursday
  • 4 orientation days from your arrival to your visit to Brisbane
  • 5 training days doing work experience on the farm
  • Almost 1800 employers are waiting for you across Australia
  • A diverse range of jobs on offer from childcare to shearing sheep
  • A guaranteed job before you leave – to suit your personality, experiences and skills
  • A paid job of up to $300 AUD per week (about €190 per week)
  • Accommodation and meals provided on the farm with other young employees from all over the world
  • Free time to enable you to travel with your new friends
  • A “Welcome Pack” when you arrive (flask, tshirt, cap…)
  • An unforgettable experience!

Several types of job on offer depending on your experience

Our team is dedicated to finding you the job which best suits you, depending on your existing skills and experience or on those which you will acquire during your training.

Farm Work
Depending on your experience you could be assigned to: work in the fields, participate in agricultural activities, drive the tractors, bulldozers and motorbikes, look after a flock of sheep or a herd of cattle, shear them, mark them, ride horses, repair the fences etc.
You could be assigned several tasks. All the candidates receive training in practical farm duties.
PLEASE NOTE: many of the tasks require a good level of horse-riding.

Family Help
Would you prefer to experience family life on an Australian farm? If this is the case, you can be in charge of looking after the children, helping out around the house (gardening, housework…), cooking etc.

Do you have experience as a receptionist, in hospitality or catering? There are many opportunities in these sectors in rural Australia: be a waiter in a restaurant, bar or  roadside diner, a farm clerk, a chef or kitchen-worker, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: These duties are often combined with outdoor tasks (farm work).

Orientation and training in Brisbane

Orientation Days
Make the most of the 4 orientation days and your visit to Brisbane following your arrival to get your trip off to a good start. You will arrive in Brisbane on a Thursday, stay the night in a hostel with the other new arrivals, you will then be transferred to Rainbow Beach where you can relax and enjoy the beach for the whole weekend (3 nights) as you gradually adjust to the time difference.

Following your orientation, you will benefit from 5 days of training. You will learn about all the different farm duties but you can also pick the duty that most interests you, with the help of our on-site correspondents. The training will also be an opportunity for you to set up a bank account and get useful information about Australia.

Conditions for participating in the programme

  • You must be aged 18 to 30
  • You must be prepared to get your hands dirty and work hard
  • You must be responsible, flexible and hard-working
  • You must have a driving license
  • You must be fit and healthy
  • You must have a good level of English (level B1)

PLEASE NOTE: you do not need experience in any of the aforementioned jobs, you will receive detailed training.

Conditions for participating in the programme

  • Registration Fee: €150
     this payment will be made once you have had an  an interview with the AFJ programme supervisor and your level B1 English certificate.
  • Placement Fee: €300
     The payment will be made when your place on the programme and your departure date have been confirmed by our partner.
  • Programme Fee:
  • 3 to 12 months stay : $2930 AUD (about €1850) – These fees include : transfer on arrival from Brisbane airport, 9 days of orientation and training (9 nights accommodation, transport during orientation, meals on the last 5 days – self catering the first 4 days), job search, creation of a bank account, issuance of a SIM card, Welcome Pack.
  • Keep in mind for your budget:
    Working Holiday Visa (about €320)
    Flights (about €2000)
    Health/hospitalization/repatriation insurance (about €40 per month)
    Transfer costs to get to your host farm for your final Job

The stages of your application

1. Sign-up on our website to receive an application form. Click here to register.

2. Complete your dossier and be sure to include all the required documents.

3. Arrange an English interview with us via Skype or on our premises.

4. We will submit your application to Australia.

5. Confirmation of your desired placement.

6. Get your visa, take out insurance and book your flights.

7. Make the most of your adventure in the Australian wilderness.

8. Come back more mature and with lots of precious memories.

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