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This programme is for students who wish to combine a language course and the experience of living with a host family.

You will be completely immersed in Australian family life and will be able to take up to 25 hours of English lessons per week in our partner schools throughout your entire stay.

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Demi-pair destinations in Australia : Sydney, Southport, Brisbane

AFJ - Demi-Pair en Australie - Sydney - Opéra - cours d'anglaisSydney
Sydney is in the top 10 best places to live in the world! You will be captivated by the city’s emblematic monuments, the idyllic beaches, the verdant landscapes, and Sydney Harbour – one of the most beautiful in the world. Sydney has an undeniably high quality of life which you will be able to take advantage of throughout your entire stay!

AFJ - Demi-Pair en Australie - Southport - Gold-Coast - cours d'anglaisSouthport – Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is a must-see region of Australia which offers numerous tourist attractions and kilometres of idyllic beaches such as Surfers Paradise. The city of Southport is known for its law and medical schools and its business quarter. You will find a buzzing student atmosphere there!

AFJ - Demi-Pair en Australie - Brisbane - cours d'anglaisBrisbane
Brisbane is one of the most important and beautiful cities in Australia. Conveniently placed betweeen the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, this city offers the advantages of a big city and the a verdant environment enabling many outdoor activities. Make the most of an idyllic quality of life amongst the city’s lush vegetation!


Demi-pair in Sydney

The Sydney Language School
The language school is situated in the centre of Sydney in a modern building. Each student benefits from a personalised study plan which is adapted to help them to acheive their academic and professional objectives.
The Lessons
You can choose between the “Super Intensive English Course” (25 hours per week) and the “Intensive English Course” (20 hours per week) which take place every morning from Monday to Friday. Ce planning est adapté aux emplois du temps des familles d’accueil.
Receive a weekly allowance of between $120 and $150 AUD (between €75 and €95).

Demi-pair in Southport

Southport Language School
The Southport language school is located along the famous Gold Coast which stretches for 55 kilometres. It is just a few steps away from an enormous shopping centre, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and beaches, it offers all conveniences as well as numerous activities to guarantee you an unforgettable trip.
The Lessons
You will take the “General English” course which consists of 20 hours of lessons per week and you will have the opportunity to attend an additional 1 hour workshop every day (a class which focuses on pronunciation, English  used in hospitality/catering, reading, writing, comprehension).
No allowance is given.

Demi-pair in Brisbane

The Brisbane Language School
The language school is located in the heart of Brisbane. The building is close to all conveniences to enable you to study comfortably. The surrounding area also regularly offers numerous activities to guarantee you a total cultural immersion as well as being immersed in your host family’s way of life.
The Lessons
The “General English Course” allows you to take either 15 hourse or 20 hours of lessons per week. The classes take place in the morning and fit in perfectly with your demi-pair work schedule so that you are still able to look after your host family’s children.
No allowance is given.

Your role as a demi-pair in Australia

As a demi-pair in Australia, your role will be to look after the children in your host family for up to 4/5 hours a day (usually after your lesson) and to do a few light household chores to help your family in their day to day life.

You will usually be free on Saturdays and Sundays, although the family may ask you to baby-sit from time to time.

Above all this programme is a cultural exchange which requires open-mindedness. You must be responsible as well as flexible in order to be able to adjust to your host family’s way of life.

Conditions for Participating in the Demi-pair in Australia Programme

  • You must be responsible, enthusiastic and good with children!
  • You must be aged 18 to 30
  • You must have experience working with children (outside of your own family) – at least 100 hours of childcare
  • You must be available for at least 3 months
  • You must be a non-smoker
  • You must have a clear criminal record
  • You must have an intermediate level of English

This programme is not open to male demi-pairs.

Demi-pair in Australia Programme Fees

  • Registration fee: €150
    PLEASE NOTE: the payment is made once your dossier has been sent to the school and they have confirmed your place.
  • Placement fee: €300
    PLEASE NOTE: the payment is not made until after your departure date has been confirmed.
  • School fee

SYDNEY SCHOOL:  starting from $4900 AUD (around €3250)
This includes enrolment, 12 weeks of English (25 hours per week), all the necessary teaching materials.
(Possibility of opting for 20 hours per week)

Keep in mind the deposit guarantee (which will be reimbursed under certain conditions) : $860 AUD (about €550).

SOUTHPORT SCHOOL: starting from $5700 AUD (about €3770), depending on the time of year discounts could apply.

This includes enrolment, the costs of finding a suitable family, 12 weeks of English lessons (20 hours per week), all the necessary reading material.

BRISBANE SCHOOL: starting from $4800 AUD (about €3200)
This includes enrolment, the cost of finding a suitable family, 12 weeks of English lessons (15 hours per week), all the necessary teaching materials.
(possibility of opting for 20 hours per week)

Also keep in mind for your budget:
 flights (about €1300), visa fee (about €280 depending on the exchange rate), health/hospitalisation/repatriation insurance (about €40 month).


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