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Go abroad as an au pair in Europe

  • Add to your academic and professional experience
  • Live fully immersed in a new lifestyle and learn to speak English or the native language of your chosen country fluently
  • Discover a new country and its culture
  • Work and study abroad
  • Live abroad whilst getting paid
  • Make new friends from all over the world

Not French and would like to be an au pair in France? Go to this page!

Your role as an au pair

  • Your main role will be to look after the children in your host family: baby-sitting, taking them to school and to their activities, playing with them, tidying their rooms…
  • You will have a major role in the children’s lives and their personal development. Show that you are enthusiastic, available and willing.
  • You will also be expected to help with everday household and family chores as you would at home
  • You will be like a big brother/sister or an international cousin to the children as well their friend and their confidant

Your host family

  • Your host family chooses you from numerous au pair candidates, according to their requirements and your personnality which comes across in your dossier and your interview
  • Your au pair placement will be decided upon mutual agreement between you and your host family
  • The family will treat you as a member of the family, in return they will expect you to be involved in everday family life
  • Your family will give you your own room, cook meals for you and treat you as a part of the family
  • You will work for between 30 and 45 hours per week in exchange for an allowance, you will have free time during the weekto take a language course if you so wish as well as a week of paid-leave every 6 months

Conditions for becoming an au pair in Europe

  • You must be responsable, enthusiastic and good with children
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have experience working with children (outside your own family) – baby-sitting, summer camps etc.
  • You must have at least a basic level of the language spoken in your chosen country
  • You must have comlpeted your A-levels or equivalent
  • You must be a non-smoker
  • You must have a clear criminal record
  • Having a driving license is a bonus

PLEASE NOTE: Not all of our European destinations are open to male au pairs. Contact us to find out if your application is eligible for your preferred country. Our Au Pair in Australia and Au Pair in New Zealand prgrammes are open to male au pairs.

Au Pair in Europe programme fees

  • Sign-up for free: we help you all throughout your application and to put together your dossier.
  • Membership fee: €150
    PLEASE NOTE: the payment is made after you have been introduced to your first prospective host familyprésentation.
  • Placement fee:
    > €130
     for placements lasting for at least 3 months
    > €180 for placements lasting for more than 3 months
    PLEASE NOTE: the payment is made after your placement with a host family has been confirmed.


You will be paid in the form of an allowance. Your work in the host family is not a paid job but is considered more as  household help. In exchange, you will be have your own room and meals will be provided by your host family for free and you will receive an allowance depending on your work hours, your host family and the country that you are staying in.
Generally, the allowance is at least €80 per week.

Other fees to be aware of

The au pair candidate is responsible for the following costs:

  • Flights
  • Health/hospitalisation/repatriation insurance (around €25 per month)
  • Language lessons if desired

Why be an au pair with AFJ ?

  • Available starting dates all year round 
  • Placements can last between 2 months (in summer) and 12 months.
  • The AFJ team is available every day of the week, all throughout your trip – before, during and after your placement.
  • We help you for free to put together your dossier. We won’t ask you for any payments and fees during the application process.
  • AFJ is a founding member of the UFAAP and IAPA and is thus committed to respectecting the quality policies of these organisations.
  • We help all of our candidates who would like help to prepare for your interview with your prospective family free of charge.

Countries offered in the Au Pair in Europe programme

Depuis plus de 30 ans, nous plaçons des Au Pair dans l’Europe entière.

> England
> Ireland
> Scotland
> Norway
> Wales
> Germany
> Italy
> Spain
> Portugal

Contact us if your preferred destination is not on this list.
Click here for a destination outside of Europe.

The registration stages

1. Sign-up on our website to receive an au pair registration form. Click here to register.

2. Complete your dossier and be sure to include all the required documents.

3. AFJ sends your dossier to our carefully selected foreign agents.

4. Read through the families’ profiles and contact the one that interests you most for an interview.

5. When a family that interests you agrees to work with you, sign your au pair placement agreement.

6. Take out insurance and book your flights.

7. Make the most of your time abroad.

8. Come back more mature and with lots of wonderful memories.


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